The ZERUST® federation of companies offers a truly global level of support.

Worldwide ZERUST®/ EXCOR® technical support

Our internationally recognized scientists and field engineers collaborate closely with customers in order to design comprehensive corrosion solutions. After the development phase our field representatives guide the customers while applying the products.

As the federation of companies we operate with network of local partners in more than 60 countries of the world. This facilitates the technical support and inspecting of shipments at the point of delivery in any place of the world. Thanks to our global application database, we are able to transfer the experience from one country to other and this allow us to find quickly the optimal rust-prevention solution for every shipment.

Support services

The ZERUST® people have accumulated decades of expertise in corrosion prevention and offer comprehensive design, application and after sales support in order to ensure that our customers corrosion protection requirements are met.

Climate Chamber Tests

The effectiveness of various proposed solutions may be assessed in tests carried out in climatic chambers in our perfectly equipped laboratories in the United States, Germany, Japan, India and Russia according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-30.

Trial Shipments

ZERUST® applications engineers are ready to assist with the on-site preparation and packaging of test shipments. Upon request a data recorder can be incorporated into test shipments in order to track actual climatic conditions throughout the trial. At its destination, the shipment can be inspected and evaluated by a global ZERUST representative.